Apple Watch Pokemon GO

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Nintendo is coming to iOS, Niantic announced Pokemon GO integration with the Apple Watch Series 2.

Here is my brief take on it, it basically helps you hatch eggs.  That’s about it.  Sure it’s touted as being able to keep your nose out of your phone screen while Pokemon hunting or walking with friends but it really just helps you hatch eggs.

To be fair, it does track what pokemon are in the area and if one comes in range it will alert you, which the current app doesn’t do unless you have the app open and running.  It will also alert you when you are in range of a pokestop, again, something the app currently doesn’t do either.  So, I guess there are a couple benefits.

However, no one answered the question of battery drain.  Does it still destroy a battery faster than anyone I’ve ever known?  Is the GPS any better or will I still sit in one place but my avatar will continue to wander everywhere?  I guess we will have to wait until the watch is out for that answer.


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