Zero Point Fiction, short romps through a story! Each season will be different, unique, and promises to be a good time! The story may seem simple on the surface, but with such a short season, listeners will be surprised by what Zero Point Fiction manages to pack in there! 

Plot of Zero Point Fiction

The first series of Zero Point Fiction is Jawbone Black. From Jawbone’s humble beginnings in West Texas, to his first (and last) live performance, the six part series enthralls and entrances. Follow his audio-biography, as he explains decisions that led him to this moment on stage, brief though it is. 

Review of Zero Point Fiction

As a general anthology style show in the vein of American Horror Story (in style, not substance), Zero Point Fiction is enjoyable without being too dragged out, or giving itself time to get stale. 

Jawbone Black starts out a little sad, but so do most stories about Country singers. He feels relatable as a character. Listeners will feel like they are actually at the show, and will feel deeply for the character of Jawbone as he narrates his life. Even though the story seems simple on the surface, like getting to know a good friend, the season pulls back layers of Jawbone’s existence, and by the end, listeners will wish they knew him personally, while feeling like they really do. 

What’s really exciting about this show, is it creates its own soundtrack. Jawbone Black performs different original songs every episode, as he narrates his life to himself (or an audience) behind the curtain. This doesn’t feel like a fiction podcast at all, but a softly entrancing account of a real life, lived by a real man. 

Though its clear the character is using low quality equipment (a tape recorder), the sound designer clearly paid very close attention to every detail. The sounds are crisp, and blend beautifully with the music and the narration. The gentle echo adds enough reverb to be there, without being distracting from the overall story, and drops listeners into the venue with Jawbone Black. 

The story of Jawbone Black is hopefully the first of many stories to come out of Zero Point Fiction. I expect the second series will be as enthralling as the first! 

What You Need To Know

Zero Point Fiction has six episodes. Episodes run about 45 minutes. Each season brings a new theme to the table. There are frank discussions in this podcast with subject matter that may or may not be suitable for children, coupled with strong language. 

Fans of It Makes A Sound, and Jim Robbie and the Wanderers should check out this podcast! 

Zero Point Fiction is created by Joe Kamm. You can listen to episodes of Zero Point Fiction on Libsyn and iTunes. 

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Carolyn Ducker