With a story containing an elusive conman, up to 7 million dollars stolen and crimes that span across the US, Canada, Britain, Hong Kong and Australia, all the major players have two big questions on their minds: Who the hell is Hamish? And how was he able to evade police for so long? The Australian, the same dream team that brought you the brilliant podcast Teacher’s Pet, hopes to answer those questions and more in their latest podcast, Who the Hell is Hamish? 

Even after a deep dive into this financial boogeyman’s life, investigators and listeners alike are still left scratching their heads in confusion. Especially once it’s revealed that the very strange case of Hamish Watson has, for all intents and purposes, very normal roots. Watson was a Sydney native who spent his childhood surfing and was beloved by his peers. However, he would grow into a serial conman that could morph into who ever his victims needed him to be: a religious confidant, a shoulder to cry on, a role model for their children. And that’s why his operation was flawless. Until he got caught, of course. 

By the time Watson was finally arrested, it was reported that he managed to dupe his victims out of 7 million dollars. However, as you listen on in Who the Hell is Hamish?, you’ll learn that nobody is actually sure of the amount. It could possibly be way more than 7 million. If that’s the case and there is more money that’s been unaccounted for, this just brings up another important question: where is all the money? Many people closely involved with the case have come to the consensus that Hamish has squirreled money away in case he ever gets out of prison. (I know, very Shawshank Redemption.)  

All in all, The Australian did an emaculant job with the podcast’s delivery. The host was engaging, constantly showing off some real first-class journalism and storytelling skills. Which was helpful and almost calming, considering this one of those stories that makes you want to rip your hair out and scream, just a little bit more than you already wanted to. Tie those elements in with the great production quality focusing on the bizarre trail of destruction they have to follow easily makes this one of the most binge worthy podcasts of 2019.

Learn all about the rise and fall of Hamish Watson in Who the Hell is Hamish? available for free wherever you get your favorite podcasts including iTunesSpotify and Stitcher!

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Fallon Marie Gannon