Plot of Weird Work

Weird Work is a weekly podcast created by Hubspot and hosted by Sam Balter. And, true to it’s title, it explores the world’s weirdest jobs and the individuals behind them that actually make a profit from them. And when we say ‘weird’ we don’t mean your typical office job with the oddball employee or two. We mean real weird. So far, the show has included a space psychologist, a professional cuddler, a weed nun, a professional gamer and much, much more. 


I have been listening to this podcast since it’s very first episode premiered in October 2017 and I still can’t get over how much I love it! The concept alone is spectacular, one of those topics that make you pinch yourself and exclaim “Why didn’t I think of that?!”, all while sitting there in awe over some professions people participate in. At 38 episodes currently, the show’s episodes can easily be put into one of two categories just based on their clickbait like titles: rare yet interesting to unusual and competently unheard of. My favorite episode so far is “I press human ashes into vinyl records”. It’s a fascinating – and obviously morbid – job where some the cremated ashes of your loved one is pressed into literally any record they chose before their passing. I highly recommend first time listeners starting with this one just to get a real taste of  the show’s basic setup.

It’s episodes like this that have really made me reconsider my career path and even added a couple things to my bucket list. (Yes, I emailed the weed nuns and they said visitors were allowed so I smell a rad road trip in my future). Sam Balter is an exemplary storyteller with a child like curiosity that’s contagious enough to not only keep the listener hooked but actually takes him out of the sound studio and on the road to visits some of this too weird to be real jobs. It’s a fun, weird podcast that has something for literally everyone and with it currently on hiatus you weirdos have plenty of time to catch up on all the episodes before the next season. 


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Fallon Marie Gannon