Victoriocity. Set in Even Greater London in 1887, Victoriocity follows the particularly ridiculous adventure of Inspector Archibald Fleet and Crime Writer Clara Entwhistle as they hunt down the Beefeater who may, or may not, be responsible for the death of Doctor Salick. 

Victoriocity: Plot 

Inspector Archibald Fleet is not having a good day. He’s really, never having a good day. Clara Entwhistle arrives in Even Greater London with her mother to take up a position at a newspaper. Once the pair meet, they are thrust into a conspiracy involving the death of a local doctor, Beefeaters (Or Victorian Style gangsters), and the largest city ever in existence. As they try to find out what has happened, they encounter numerous madcap characters who make their task more difficult, more interesting, and more intriguing. 

Victoriocity: Review  

The background characters add intense charm to this podcast. Chief Inspector Keller (played by writer, Chris Sugden) and his seemingly endless supply of sons, Mrs. Pomligan (played by writer, Jen Sugden), the Crocodile Countenanced pub owner, and various others counter Detective Inspector Archibald Flint and Clara Entwhistle at every turn! 

Victoriocity features an all star cast and crew, such as Tom Crowley as Inspector Fleet (you may know him from Wooden Overcoats fame). 

References are sprinkled throughout this podcast to Victorian literature. Sort of an extra nugget for fans of the genre (which I am). The rich tapestry of this podcast is woven expertly by the writers, and carried out expertly by the actors. The sound production is also exquisitely done! 

This podcast is perfect for fans of The Penumbra podcast, Douglas Adams, The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air!), and EOS 10


Victoriosity: What You Need To Know

Victoriocity is a six part miniseries. Each episode is around 30 minutes. The entire series can be listened to in about three hours. This podcast is presented as an audio-drama, with interjections from a narrator. Its themes are science fiction in nature with smatterings of steampunk interjected at the most unexpected moments, lending to the podcast’s comedy.  

Victoriocity is written by Chris and Jen Sugden. This podcast is produced by Dominic Hargreaves. It is directed by Nathan Peter Grassi . You can listen to episodes on iTunes, Libsyn, and at

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Carolyn Ducker