“From the first stories told in firelit caves, to the electronically recorded messages of deep space…” comes the Theatre of Tomorrow! The Theatre of Tomorrow is a science fiction podcast reminiscent of The Twilight Zone and H.G. WellsWar of the Worlds

The sound quality of The Theatre of Tomorrow draws the listener in from the introduction. The minor pops and slight white noise makes the listener nostalgic for old radio shows. Fans of The Orbiting Circus of the Air will enjoy how this show is put together. It has the feel of old school radio casts with its suspenseful build up, delightful voice actors, and thrilling subjects. 

The Theatre of Tomorrow is an anthology style show, much like the Penumbra Podcast. Each season has four to five episodes in a story arc, with a few out of arc stories thrown in.  New content is released every month. Listeners can start at any season without missing out on plot points.

Firstly, “The Lost Logs of the Saratoga!” details the theft of the ship “The Saratoga” by its captain, Galen, Bright Eyes, and Sara. The latter being the ship itself: Saratoga = Sara – pretty clever!  They are fleeing the military to pursue a life of freedom. Their plans are thwarted when they are confronted with accidental stowaways and craziness ensues.

The next serial adventure follows Kennedy Roundhouse, Moon Detective. Fans of Juno Steel (Penumbra Podcast) will rejoice at her wit. 

The third story arc is excellent for fans of The Mangus Archives and Wolf 359. “The Mad Diary of Michael Last” takes place in a research facility searching for the answer to the question: Is there life out there? 

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The last season was “The End, and How it All Began!”  It takes place after a rapture of sorts. Aliens have taken almost every single person on Earth… away. Will the last radio DJ on the planet find the answers he’s looking for? Will he find people? This story is like a post- apocalyptic western mixed with The Deep Vault

Theatre of Tomorrow has just finished season five, ‘Dust Runner: Tempest in the Valley!’ So, if you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to this podcast, you now have five seasons to binge!

The Theatre of Tomorrow stands as a testament to the stories and sounds of old radio, and how they are still riveting today. The Theatre of Tomorrow is a member of the Fatecrafters Network. You can listen to episodes on iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, Lisbyn, Stitcher and on the show’s website.  

Carolyn Ducker