The Phenomenon is a phenomenal new podcast from Luciola Creative. Based on the book by R.K. Katic, this podcast is an exciting and scary sci-fi romp that sucks listeners in from the first minutes and hangs on tight. You might want to listen in an interior room. 

Plot of The Phenomenon

“Do not look outside. Do not look at the sky. Do not make noise.” So begins the Phenomenon. The government has been on “high alert” for years. Across the nation, people are running, trying to find interior rooms without windows to protect themselves. Looking at the sky can cause sudden… something as it did for Eric, a random citizen looking out at the sky after the message from the White House came through. Slowly, the Phenomenon begins to cover the world. Nowhere is safe. The Phenomenon follows multiple characters (some of them aware of what’s going on, some not) as they experience and survive the Phenomenon. 

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Review of The Phenomenon

The Phenomenon feels completely real. From the beginning alert (the same as the characters receive), this podcast thrusts listeners headfirst into a plot like no other. A pinch of government conspiracy, a dash of worldwide plague, and a smattering of reality mean this podcast will stick with listeners for months, if not years after they finish it. 

This podcast skips its way across the globe, mostly taking place in the United States, Russia, and Japan (who often speaks Japanese on the podcast with no translation, which I like). The characters are fully believable, even if we only hear them for a second. 

The real gem of this podcast are the alerts. They begin and end each episode, and update listeners as to the state of the world as the podcast progresses. They add to the reality of the show, and make it haunting for listeners. 

What You Need to Know

The Phenomenon is five episodes long at the time of this review. Episodes run about 20-25 minutes in length. Some episodes are explicit, and may be too scary for young listeners, despite the absence of described gore. 

Fans of We’re Alive, Steal the Stars, and The Deep Vault will love The Phenomenon

The Phenomenon is written and directed by Jared J. Smith. It is based on the novel “The Phenomenon” by R.K. Katic. It is produced by Andrew Pomeroy and Jared J. Smith. The show is released by Luciola Creative. You can listen to episodes of The Phenomenon on iTunes.