If you like disaster space podcasts like MarsFall and The Strange Case of Starship Iris, you should definitely check out powerhouse miniseries The Hyacinth Disaster!

Plot of The Hyacinth Disaster

During a routine check of another ship in possible distress, the Hyacinth is having a pretty okay day. The ship is falling apart, but the crew gets along and works pretty well together. Everything is going fine, but suddenly it’s not. Listen on if you dare, for more information about the Hyacinth disaster! 

Review of The Hyacinth Disaster

The Hyacinth Disaster doesn’t even feel scripted. The voice acting is seamless. The script is set up incredibly well.  You could be actually listening in on the tapes from a lost spaceship. The way the cast meshes, they sound like a crew who have been together for a long time. You can almost hear the in-jokes as they talk to each other under their lines. 

The sound mixing is also very good. It doesn’t sound canned, but clear. The details covered by creator David Carlson as he wrote this show reveal an intensely meticulous script, with every sound cue and pause accounted for. Although actors do tend to go off script slightly (on the website, the transcripts often look like a second to final draft), every ad-lib seems to be added to make phrasing seem more natural. 

 More than any other podcast, The Hyacinth Disaster sounds like a found footage podcast, but without all the canned and (seemingly) forced cuts that other shows try to put in. The Hyacinth Disaster is a truly surprising and edge of your seat thriller. Just when the listener thinks they are safe, that’s when David Carlson’s story takes a turn, or a drop, or a full-on loop. 

This is definitely a worthy podcast to add to your queue! If you don’t have much time, but you want to invest it well, check out The Hyacinth Disaster. It’s a unique, well-executed script performed by a phenomenal cast. This isn’t a podcast easily forgotten.  

What You Need to Know

The Hyacinth Disaster is a miniseries produced and released in 2o18. It has 7 episodes and is complete. Episodes are about 30 minutes long. This podcast feels incredibly real and may be disturbing for some listeners. 

Fans of The Strange Case of Starship Iris, Wolf 359, and MarsFall will enjoy this miniseries! 

The Hyacinth Disaster was written and produced by David Carlson. You can listen to episodes of The Hyacinth Disaster on iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM, and at David Carlson’s website, here

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