Like most stories, the new YA podcast The Girls begins in a small town. Cold Creek is a place practically frozen in time with hardworking people too busy to care that nothing ever happens until the body of 13 year old girl Mattie is found near a burning schoolhouse. She had been reported missing three days earlier and the murder quickly became the talk of the town. Fast forward one year later: Mattie’s 19 year old sister is now missing and her grandmother is desperate to find her. She enlists the help of radio personality West McCray, he becomes so engrossed with the case that it becomes the topic of his new podcast, The Girls. Follow West on his journey to track down Sadie before it’s too late. 


Normally I would hold off on reviewing any podcasts that have less than 5 episodes, that way I have time to get used to the flow of the show in order to give a fair review. That being said, The Girls from MacMillan Podcasts, went beyond my expectations I was just two episodes in and knew I had to write a review. The only other podcast I can remember sucking me in so quickly is Limetown. The podcast is best described as a classic small town murder mystery with a chilling twist. I can honestly say I love everything about it – writing style, the music and, obviously, the ensemble of voice actors who waiting a whole week for a new episode unbearable. 

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And just when I think it couldn’t get any better I found out there is a book involved. In a similar fashion to Welcome to Night Vale or Alice Isn’t Dead, author Courtney Summers is using the this fantastic podcast to promote her latest YA novel, Sadie, which appears to be a different perspective of the same thrilling story. The novel is now available for pre-order – which I obviously did- and is set to release September 4th! 

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Fallon Marie Gannon