New podcast alert! From Eli McIlveen and Sean Howard of Alba Salix, Royal Physician comes The End of Time and Other Bothers

Plot of The End of Time and Other Bothers 

The End of Time and Other Bothers is a fantasy roleplay set in the world of Alba Salix, Royal Physician. It’s run in the DungeonWorld system of RPG, and the Game Master is Sean Howard. The episodes are largely made up of the fly by players, with a large overarching plot constructed by the GM. 

Review of The End of Time and Other Bothers

Okay, so I am a complete nerd for all things RPG. As such, I think I am at a mild advantage when it comes to podcasts like this, in that I know how a game is run. However, that advantage is markedly smaller going into “Other Bothers“. Episode 0 is the introduction where Sean Howard explains to listeners unfamiliar with a roleplay format how it usually works. Its a quick listen for those who maybe want to try something new. 

Going into the first episode, I wanted everything from this podcast. It gave me everything I wanted and more. In episode 0, Howard explains that he wants a podcast that isn’t run completely on battle (a lot of RPGs do this). He had to find a unique system that retrofit the kind of setting he wanted into a way he would want to run his games. As an amateur GM, I always love hearing other people’s processes when prepping their games for their players. It not only helps me out, but I find it interesting. 

Episode 1 begins with an introduction from a pleasant woman’s voice, and launches right into character introductions as they organically interact with each other. After meeting the characters, Sean Howard gives background relevant to the gameplay. In short, this runs like a real game, with fewer stops, and more organic evolution. I loved every minute of this podcast, and I bet you will too! 

It might be easier to listen to this podcast after familiarizing yourself with the realm of Alba Saylix. However, after background given by the GM, it’s not strictly necessary.  I am, I will admit, unfamiliar with the world of Alba Salix, and I still found the episodes released immensely enjoyable. 

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What You Need to Know

The End of Time and Other Bothers premiered with Episode 0 on April 4, 2018. It has one introduction episode and one true episode at this time. Other Bothers is run in DungeonWorld, an Apocalypse system of RPG. Episodes are about an hour long. Because the players are making everything up as they go along, a general content warning is in order. 

Fans of Critical Role, Hello From the Magic Tavern, and The Adventure Zone will love this show! 

The End of Time and Other Bothers is written on the spot by players and produced by Sean Howard and Eli McIlveen. Your Game Master is Sean Howard. You can listen to episodes of The End of Time and Other Bothers on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, Podtail, and at their website, here

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