Recordings have surfaced of ten people (known by titles not names) that have been locked in the same space together. Nobody knows where they are, or how they’ll escape. Maybe the answers are on these tapes? Either way when the now infamous DECA Tapes are leaked the media and the world is horrified and intrigued. Who are these people? Why do they seem content with being in this space together? What are their “tasks”? What the heck is a “sex badge”? Why hasn’t this been made into a Black Mirror episode yet?! Only one thing is for certain: we were never meant to hear The Deca Tapes.  If you’re like me and you love a good, creepy fiction podcast then Lex Noteboom‘s new audio thriller, The Deca Tapes is the show for you!

I seriously can’t recommend this podcast enough. I listened to most of this podcast while I was home alone, which was a terrible mistake as it creeped me out tremendously. In this delightfully twisted series, we listen to these strangers do one of their required “tasks”, recording a recap of their day. Seems pretty straight forward, right? Odd but straight forward. Things begin to go downhill quickly as we listen to a mystery unfold with each recording from everyone’s different point of view. On top of all that? Listeners get a dark glimpse into the past, a peek at some additional recordings that may explain why these people are in captivity. Could they also be clues on how they can escape?

That’s one of the takeaways of this show: you’re left with more questions than answers. In other words: Utter frustration. The ending of each episode leaves listeners begging for more, making waiting a whole week for a new episode almost unbearable. Trust me, I know. It sounds annoying but that means the writers are doing a good job, right? The Deca Tapes takes that fine line between fantasy and reality and brings it to the next level thanks to the evocative, lyrical writing. And the incredible cast as well, of course.

Overall, The Deca Tapes is a well constructed podcast that checks off everything on my list. It can be an intense listen at times that is guaranteed to grab your attention instantly. It will mess with your mind more than spooky lore or mysterious bumps in the night ever could, leaving listeners with a strange, immersive and occasionally funny show that is totally worth a listen. The Deca Tapes are available for free wherever you get your favorite podcasts including iTunes, Spotify, Acast or Stitcher.

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