Plot of Sooo Many White Guys

No, the title of this article wasn’t horribly misspelled. Actress, author and comedian, Phoebe Robinson is sick and tired of playing the token black woman in an industry that’s seemingly dominated by a bunch of white dudes. So, with her podcast Sooo Many White Guys, she’s flipping the script by having honest and hilarious conversations with actors, musicians, writers and comedians that are absolutely killing it in their fields. The only catch? They aren’t a bunch of white guys! The only exception to this rule is during the show’s season finales, which is when Phoebe welcomes that season’s token white guy; he who will speak on behalf of all the other white guys (just to make it fair). With the help of her producer, Joanna Solotaroff, keeping her in line, Phoebe’s in depth questions, hijinks and the occasional cameo by executive producer, Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Sooo Many White Guys is a hysterical gift that is sure to bless any podcast feed.


Before even listening to the show I was already very invested after reading the reviews. While the show itself held an almost 5/5 rating, the amount of negative reviews were almost overwhelming; it wasn’t until after I double checked that I realized all these negative reviews came before the podcast even released its first episode. How? Because of the name. The title ‘Sooo Many White Guys’ is obviously a joke inspired by the main plot of the show, to do what TV and most other major platforms haven’t done, give a well deserved voice to creators of color. With guests such as Tyra Banks, Bunk Angel and Nahnatchka Khan, this show certainly doesn’t lack with diversity or humor. Phoebe Robinson is a spectacular interviewer and entertainer who gives the podcast that little extra flare to make it a truly binge worthy program. 

Sooo Many White Guys is a production of WNYC Studiosand produced by Ilana Glazer. You can catch a new episode every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts!



Fallon Marie Gannon