If choose-your-own adventure stories are  your kind of party, Rover Red: Alone in an Apocalypse is for you! Rover Red is a unique podcast that is wholly listener driven. Vote on plot points, submit suggestions, and add your voice to the story! 


 Leah (the Rover Red) is trapped in the Otherwhere, a place where “silt runs beneath the sand like water in a stream”.  Her only companion is E.V.i.E., her recorder/narration device. Leah’s self appointed mission? Find her brother, Jonah, who was kidnapped and taken from the compound. However, they cannot return home. Along with the ever present threat of the silt, another mystery lurks. 

The night Leah left the Arch Compound it was attacked and destroyed. Jonah’s kidnapping, and the destruction of the compound make Leah suspicious that what she’s been told all her life is a lie. The compound was not full of the “last people on Earth”. Will Leah find her brother? Or will the silt get her before she can find him? Who will she meet along this journey? 

How “Rover Red” Works

Listeners drive the story by voting on outcomes and submitting ideas. Each episode has a supplemental episode that offers choices on where the writer (Christopher Bloodworth) will go next. Listeners then vote on the outcome via the Rover Council. Patreon supporters gain access to special episodes as members of Project Nightlight. Listeners can also send messages  to Leah through her narration device, E.V.i.E. Submissions may be read on the show, so use your best judgement! This podcast gives listeners the unique opportunity for true “Audience participation”. It works a bit like an improv show, but for your ears alone! 


Rover Red: Alone in an Apocalypse is written by Christopher Bloodworth. The voice of Leah is Madison Martin. You can listen to Rover Red on iTunes, Stitcher, Googleplay,  Libsyn and at RoverRedPodcast.com. You can support Rover Red on Patreon

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Carolyn Ducker