Much like American Horror Story, Zero Point Fiction is an anthology style series podcast that publishes a new story every season. Last year GGA’s Carolyn Ducker wrote up a lovely review on Zero Point Fiction’s first season, Jawbone Black. The review you are currently reading will cover Zero Point Fiction’s latest season, Rock Bottom Beach. It’s a story about a contract killer named Jack who gets commissioned to track down a cult leader who is hiding out in the notoriously depraved south side of Rock Bottom Beach, a once thriving tourist destination that is now overrun by drug-crazed gang members.

Normally I tend to steer clear of action-esque movies. I often find them lacking in substance and trying to make up for that fact with lots of murder, “tough guy” dialogue and the occasional explosion or two. So I was pretty skeptical about a podcast with a plot that was teetering towards sounding like every recent Liam Neeson movie. But I was pleasantly surprised right from the get go. 

First off, this story is presented as a memoir being read by the author, which is a nice ominous touch as the actor’s voice remains in a monotone throughout all five episodes. Even when describing something as gruesome as watching someone’s finger get cut off. Impressive. Beyond all the debauchery, this twisted tale almost gave off an indie movie vibe. In terms of the story itself, acting and the sound design, everything was tremendous. So tremendous that I couldn’t resist backtracking and start listening to all of the stories Zero Point Fiction has to offer. They also share that pleasant artsy and personal tone that gives it that savory indie vibe. It’s definitely worth keeping it in your podcast rotation. 

 Zero Point Fiction is available on their official website, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and where ever else you get your podcasts!

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Fallon Marie Gannon