Rabbits is the latest in the lineup from Pacific Northwest Stories. With its first season complete, Rabbits is a real treat for the conspiracy theorist in all of us! 

Plot of Rabbits

Rabbits is an ancient game that has moved to the internet. When Carly Parker’s friend, Yumiko goes missing while playing, she uncovers a deep mystery. Rabbits has lured people in for centuries with the promise of an unclear prize should players win the game. Inserting itself into modern geek culture, Rabbits is relevant, and lures new people in almost daily. The real question is, R U playing? 

Review of Rabbits

You may remember Rabbits from our Top 5 New Fiction Podcasts of 2017. That ranking stands firm. With as much intrigue as other PNWS podcasts, Rabbits is wholly original. The dread listeners feel as they follow Carly on her search for Yumiko feels so real. The script is so well formulated and so complete, that listeners have no choice but to believe the circumstances. I would not be surprised if people started looking for the game as the result of this podcast.

Some episodes can get a little data-dumpy, but less so than previous PNWS shows. The producers are learning with each new show what works and what doesn’t, and Rabbits is their most polished podcast yet. 

The voice acting in this show is especially phenomenal. Though the final product is polished, Carly’s emotions are raw and undiluted, and drag listeners into the show, should their mind begin to stray as they listen. 

If you don’t like the format of PNWS shows, you won’t like this podcast. Otherwise, it’s a great time! And, for new listeners, it’s a fabulous introduction into what PNWS has done for the podcasting community, and why their shows are so popular as a whole. 

What You Need to Know

Rabbits has 10 episodes at the publishing of this review. Episodes are about an hour long, and great for binging on long trips! Rabbits, like other PNWS content, has an overall heavy tone, and isn’t suitable for young listeners. 

Fans of TANIS, Spines, and Small Town Horror will adore this podcast! 

Rabbits is produced by Pacific Northwest Stories. You can listen to episodes of Rabbits on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, and at RabbitsPodcast.com/Episodes .

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