Murder. It’s one of those gruesome topics that almost always produces some curiosity for all the gory details. After all, countless books and TV shows are dedicated to the very worst of human nature. And yet social norms prevent true crime fanatics from talking about it in public without looking totally insane. Luckily for said fanatics they always seem to find each other. Such is the case for friends Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, their obsession for true  crime and their lovable yet dark humor were taken to another level in early 2016. Since then this dream team has broken countless download records, provided a healthy outlet for fellow “Murderino’s” and created the murderous roller coster the world didn’t know it needed and they’ve even given it a name: My Favorite Murder



Having a morbid interest in such grisly things would normally be…well, morbid. But Karen and Georgia’s very casual approach to the topic is inviting in a way that makes you feel like you are a guest at a sleepover. It makes for easy listening- even if they’re discussing a chopped up body or two – it’s the perfect thing to put on when you’re cooking or when you can’t fall asleep; if you don’t mind scaring yourself a bit. My favorite part is obviously the hosts, their enthusiasm and talent for storytelling often make up for the occasional lack of research.

I honestly never thought there would be a tasteful way to include comedy when discussing homicide but these two have exceeded expectations while also including eventful or related stories of their own. Another highlight is the very active fan base, from the fan art to the drinking games inspired by inside jokes, it’s fun to see what my fellow freaks create. I can’t recommend this show enough and encourage everyone to give it a listen. 

The show stands with 131 episodes currently, as well as 81 MFM minisodes, each running from 45 minutes to almost 2 hours long. Fans of The Last Podcast on the Left and Lore will love this podcast. 

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