The first colonists on a newly terraformed Mars. Are they alone? Will they be able to survive? Or, like Earth’s Roanoke Colony, will they disappear among the stars, never to be heard from again? Marsfall is the story of these colonists. If you miss shows like Transmissions from Colony One and Wolf 359, you’ll enjoy this podcast! 

Plot of Marsfall

In the year 2047, the first colonists arrive on Mars. The 7th group of colonists are lead by Jacki O’Rania and her AI companion ANDI. An accident occurs as the group lands on Mars, leading to mass casualties. Disaster after disaster meet the intrepid heroes, and they soon realize they may not be alone on the Red Planet. “Earth lies low on the horizon” as the remaining crew endure the harsh Martian environment. 

Review of Marsfall 

Marsfall is an all around gem of a podcast. Though a little heavier to digest in terms of content, this podcast is probably the most realistic science fiction colony themed show out there. Whether or not colonization efforts should be pursued is an interesting question posed by the Marsfall, although this might be unintentional. 

One of the brightest portions of Marsfall is Shannon Lovely’s performance as Jacki O’Rania, the star of the first two episodes of the show. Her delivery as Jacki is at times heartbreaking, heart wrenching, and heart warming. Basically, she has a ton of heart! 

Another bright beam of light are Sam Boase-Miller‘s orchestrations. They really grip the listener, arriving almost unexpectedly under a superb vocal cast. Listening to Marsfall is a bit like listening to an excellently scored movie, I found myself finishing episodes and then going back to make sure I hadn’t missed any of the music! 

Overall, the cast and crew of Marsfall put in a Herculean amount of effort, and it pays off spectacularly every time. 

What You Need to Know

Marsfall has 6 episodes at the publishing of this review. Episodes run about 20 to 30 minutes long. Content may not be suitable for young listeners due to harsh language and  mature themes (including mass casualty events portrayed realistically). 

Fans of Transmissions from Colony One, Wolf 359, and Under Pressure will love this podcast! 

Marsfall is written, directed, produced, and acted by Amity Bros. (Eric Saras Sam Boase-Miller, and Dan Lovley (The voice of ANDI)). You can listen to episodes of Marsfall on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbay, GooglePlay, and at

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