It Makes a Sound is the newest podcast from the Night Vale Presents production team. This podcast is unique in that it is not written by Jeffrey Cranor or Joseph Fink. The podcast is written by Jacqueline Landgraf, who adds a unique voice to the NightVale Presents canon. 

Plot of It Makes a Sound

Deirdre Gardner is Wim Faros’ biggest fan. And, she has her own radio show. Why wouldn’t she use this show to praise her favorite person? For Deirdre has found the only recording of Wim Faros’ first public concert. A cassette tape from 1992. Wim Faros was only 16 years old, and the recording is from “some distance”. 

Deirdre’s claim to fame is that she grew up in the same town, Rosemary Hills, as Wim Faros. She wants everyone in this town to hear the sound that Wim Faros’ “Tree falling in a forest” makes. 

Above all, she urges us to “Remember Wim Faros”. 

What You Need to Know About It Makes a Sound

Like Within the Wires, I think it will take this podcast a few more episodes to really get on its feet and define what it is. So far, it is highly enjoyable, and really hums with the nature of fandom. Deirdre’s excitement is palpable. It sticks in the back of the listener’s throat as they remember times when they were engulfed by a love for someone they might never meet. It conjures up images of Andy Warhol and the cult of celebrity, but, starting its new cult. The cult of fandom. 

It Makes a Sound has three episodes. This podcast is in the middle of its first season. I am excited to hear more from this new voice! 

It Makes A Sound is written by Jacqueline Landgraf and Anya Saffir. It is a production of Night Vale Presents. You can listen to episodes of It Makes A Sound on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, Libsyn, RadioPublic, and at NightValePresents.Com

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Carolyn Ducker