Nothing quite beats the charm of old time radio, especially the campfire style scary stories that makes you fear every little bump in the night. But those terrifying tales the older generation used to tune into were traditionally just tall tales or short stories, certainly nothing to be too afraid of, right? 

Plot of Let’s Not Meet

Our narrator, Vykk Draygo, takes this concept of old radio and adds a modern twist by reading true horror stories submitted to the Let’s Not Meet forum of These stories are first hand accounts of encounters with potential stalkers, creeps, murderers and real life boogeymen. The informal mission of this podcast is to share the stories of the monsters that walk this world, to prove that the evil individuals that one finds in works of fiction are nothing compared to the monsters that could be as close as our own backyard. 


Every Sunday we dive in with Draygo to hear the strangest has to offer. With some titles including “Stranger in my Bedroom”, “Tracked by Grinder Stalker”, “That Time I Was Almost Someone’s Gang Initiation”this show is certainly not lacking in variety. I would highly recommend listening to this podcast but not listening home alone. Not unless you want to freak yourself out; trust me. While no two stories are the same they all share that subtle, stunned tone that implies “I wouldn’t believe this if it didn’t happen to me.” After a while Tate’s voice tends to drone on and on though, recently, he’s been spicing things up by posting old time radio broadcasts as well as bringing in guest speakers. 

The quality and overall set up of the first few episodes gives away that this is Draygo’s first lone podcast. That being said, he has since quickly adapted to produce truly binge worthy content. If you enjoy other podcasts such as Lore then this show would be a delightful addition to your podcast feed! 

Let’s Not Meet currently has 43 episodes, each running anywhere from twenty to forty five minutes long, perfect for your morning commute or to listen to at the gym. Don’t feel like waiting all week for the latest episode? You could always check out the forum for yourself or on their website. 

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