Comedian Michelle Buteau takes her rightful place center stage as the host of her own show. She has absolutely everything one could want in a talk show host: she’s unapologetically  funny, has amazing guests and even has her own musical sidekick! From the producers of Sooo Many White Guys and 2 Dope Queens comes Late Night Whenever, an upbeat and hilarious podcast that gives off such a loving energy when it’s not leaving you in stitches.

Late Night Whenever is an addictive force of nature whose main ‘plot’ is the fun storytelling aspect of a daytime television show and the joys of the nightlife. Filmed in front of a live audience, the show follows an unofficial pattern that usually begins with some playful banter between Buteau and music director Rob Lewis as she shares hysterical stories (such as the time she spent five days in a foreign land with just one change of clothes.) The show always has two guests and while the show’s main premise is comedy it does touch upon serious issues like colorism in Hollywood or the Times Up movement. When the interviews are finished (and everyone’s consumed their weight in rosé) it’s time for a game! ‘Asking for a friend’ is a pretty self explanatory, this is where some members of the audience submit some less than flattering questions but attempt redemption by insisting they are just asking for a friend.


After hearing Buteau make an appearance on the 2 Dope Queens podcast I was excited to hear she would be getting her own show. She was hilarious after all with a contagious energy that really gives the podcast its personality. Rob Lewis is the definition of cool giving his well thought out advice as if he is conjuring up Dr.Phil. And, the guests are phenomenal (which is my favorite part), what more could one possibly want?

With the season finale premiering earlier last week that leaves a total of 17 episodes, each about 30-45 minutes long, it is totally worth the good old college try. I hope for a second season so, so badly and am certainly not above going back to listen to some of my favorite episodes. I highly recommend this to just about anyone with a sense of humor, don’t be surprised if Michelle Buteau ends up being your new favorite comedian. Available now wherever you get your podcasts. 

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Fallon Marie Gannon