Were you waiting for a cabin in the woods story, but for your ears? So were we! Lake Clarity delivers!

Plot of Lake Clarity

Five friends head to Lake Clarity for a last summer together. Seth brings his recorder to make sure he has memories of his friends. While they are at the deserted camp, they uncover a mystery that goes deeper than the camp itself. The series of caves around the camp hold a secret, and the more Seth, Erin, Mike, Ally, and Brandon explore, the more entangled they become. 

Review of Lake Clarity

A lack of background noise in the first episode (while driving to the camp) and the sharpness of the recording is quickly resolved in the first episode. Once Seth, Ally, Brandon, Mike, and Erin get to the camp, the background noises appear. They really add to the ambience of the show. 

What’s also nice is that Lake Clarity has clear markers for time changes with a friendly chime, and seems more organic as a listener. However, there are moments that sound scripted or stilted. As the podcast goes on, it becomes less stilted, except in certain moments of downtime. The story, on the other hand, is enough to draw listeners in and keep them fixed to their seats! 

Something that bothered me about the show was the fake cussing that manifested into actual swearing. It would sound like the cast members were about to swear, and then suddenly a non-swear word would come out. I do understand if they wanted to meet content standards to be a show for kids, but in that case, I would prefer not even attempting it. Suddenly, though, the tone changes and the characters start actually swearing. Maybe it was done as a writing choice to show when characters were scared or stressed, or not, but I found it odd. This all comes down to personal preference though, and if this doesn’t bother you, or even if it does, don’t let it stop you from checking out the podcast.

Cabin in the Woods, Jason Voorhees, Cabin Fever, some of my favorite movies take place at a summer camp or involve a mystery there. In this regard, Lake Clarity does not disappoint. I’ve been waiting for my favorite “trope” to make it into podcasting, and I’m so glad Lake Clarity went there! 

What You Need to Know

Lake Clarity premiered in 2017. It is in the middle of its second season. There are fifteen episodes. Episodes run sixteen to thirty minutes. There is a supercut of the first season, that runs 1 hour and 42 minutes. Tense moments and swearing ensue. This podcast is probably not suitable for young listeners. 

Fans of Spines, Alice Isn’t Dead, and the Tunnels will enjoy Lake Clarity.

Lake Clarity is a released by Midnight Disease Productions. It is a part of the Fatecrafters Network. You can listen to episodes of Lake Clarity on iTunes, ACast, Podbay, Player FM, and on MidnightDiseaseProductions.Net

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Carolyn Ducker