Probably one of the most underrated podcasts out there is Inkwyrm, a sci-fi podcast about an intergalactic fashion company in the future and the misadventures of its staff. Created by a group of high school and college students this podcast is a labor of love that pays off in more ways than one. With a refreshing plot and a talented group of voice actors Inkwyrm is sure to be the thing to brighten up your podcast feed! 

Plot of Inkwyrm

Inkwyrm Magazine is the most influential fashion magazine in the universe. At the very top of this fashion empire sits Annie Inkwyrm, a rather eccentric and demanding ruler, who relies heavily on her newest personal assistant, Mella Sonder. Between Annie’s workload, an uncooperative AI system and the occasional lipstick monster, Mella certainly has her work cut out for her. But at least she isn’t totally alone in this. With the help of her new friends, Robert and Citrine, Mella just might survive the job. Maybe. 



After a short hiatus Inkwyrm has made a strong comeback and once again blessed my ears. It was only after I got all caught up on all the episodes that I discovered the creators of the show were so young, although it did explain why some of the audio was a bit patchy but where the show may lack in quality, they quickly make up for in the writing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writing team behind this production goes on to write for television one day. The conversations are so fluid and natural, the lighthearted banter never fails to make me crack a smile. The characters are incredible (Robert is my personal favorite), zany, and come in all shapes and sizes; but that isn’t even the best part. 

I’m probably caught up on about 20 different podcasts at the moment and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, Inkwyrm is the most LGBT+ friendly podcast I’ve ever encountered. Not only does it feature a character from the gay community it also includes characters that fall under the non-binary, transgender and asexual spectrums which I found truly heartwarming. This show is really something special, even though it only has 16 episodes currently it’s safe to say the creators have hit the bullseye with the format and everything else; I genuinely cannot wait to see where the story goes or see what other projects these guys may create in the future. 

Inkwyrm is production of Caldera Studios and produced by Phoenix Tyor and you can listen to them every other week wherever you get your podcasts! 

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Fallon Marie Gannon