Are you sure of who you are? What about your friends? Your family? From Dueling Genre Productions comes Immunities, the next great sci-fi thriller podcast! 

Plot of Immunities

After an alien invasion five months ago, everyone is different. Memories have been altered. Personalities have changed. People have conflicting views of who they are and how long they’ve been like this. People you used to know could be your worst enemy or your new best friend. The Lookers are everywhere. When Roxy’s sister, Shelley, suddenly changes back, Roxy has to decide if it’s real or not. If her sister still lives inside the Looker who took over her body. 

Review of Immunities

The dread built by Immunities is almost immediate. Although the first episode is a little info-dumpy, the interludes of flashbacks to the invasion layer on the thriller aspect of this show. Dueling Genre Productions likes to combine multiple aspects in their shows. For instance, Immunities is marketed as a thriller/suspense/drama. I don’t know about the Dueling bit of these particular genres. But what I do know, is that this particular combination works. What Immunities delivers in terms of content is truly special. 

The way the actors deliver their immune and Looker states are truly creepy. Almost like a PR voice monster has taken over all but 1 out of 2,000 people on the planet. You can hear the chemistry between the actors during tense and quiet moments. You can also hear the lack of chemistry with actors who are portraying Lookers to their immune (former) friends and family. I don’t know which state is creepier. Bob Koester has created a truly unnerving podcast that will be sure to haunt listeners for years to come. 

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The plot reminds me of Animorphs (the Yeerks), The Faculty,  or Pod people. Dueling Genre Productions shows listeners- however similar a plot may seem in the beginning, the execution can be wildly different. Because this podcast doesn’t have the visual aspect of these other mediums, Immunities relies fully on the voice, and on the vocal portrayal of the actors. That somehow makes it scarier, because listeners cannot visibly check for odd behavior.  Its kind of like being blind in this world (a plot point quickly resolved in the first episode). Check out Immunities if you want to give yourself a good scare! 

What You Need to Know

Immunities premiered in 2017 and has 18 episodes (Including three “Companion” hiatus episodes, and two soundtrack episodes). Bonus content is provided in several separate entries. Episodes run about 30-40 minutes. Immunities has a generally creepy feel, and may not be suitable for  young listeners. 

Fans of The Phenomenon, We’re Alive, and Life.After will adore this podcast, and clamber for more content! 

Immunities was created by Bob Koester, and is executive produced by Bob Koester. It is produced by Dueling Genre Productions. You can listen to episodes of Immunities on iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM, and at their website, here

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Carolyn Ducker