Thank you, Gideon Media, for providing me with an advanced copy of God of Obsidian for an honest review.

Mac Rogers and Jordana Williams are back and, this time, have brought God of ObsidianΒ with them. In this dark fairy tale, Alice (Rebecca Comtois) and Nathan (Rogers) take their relationship to the next level by moving in together. Alice doesn’t realize that crossing this narrow bridge will draw her further into a relationship built on gaslighting. Now she is struggling to find her way back across this dangerous bridge to her freedom.

God of Obsidian isn’t one of those stories where we see happy and healthy relationships, which is a little out of left field for me. I love a good romance where you have your lower moments, but everyone ends up happy in the end. But even though this is nothing like those, I couldn’t pull myself away from it. In fact, I binged all three episodes back to back and then went back and relistened.

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The performances from Mac and Comtois not only bring this tale to life but also pulled me into the story. I felt like a very uncomfortable fly on the wall as Nathan continued to twist from this charming boyfriend to a gaslighting monster. As each episode when on, the transformation was slow, but I could sense Nathan’s shift and how Alice was struggling with trying to find her voice against him.

As someone who has struggled with being the victim of gaslighting in the past, this felt very real. Listening to Comtois’s performance mirrored parts of my fight to escape a similar situation. I could feel her finding the strength to speak up, asserting her independence and struggling to deal with Nathan’s reactions as things became worse. It was a stunning performance and one I hope doesn’t come from personal experience on her end.

This is something I feel that everyone should listen to at least once. The cautionary tale is something to teach everyone and the story is captivating enough to hold onto listeners’ attention. God of Obsidian podcast will release beginning on August 27, 2021. You can find all the places to listen to it right here.

This review was originally published on 8/31/21.




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