Thank you, Gideon Media, for providing me with an advanced copy of Give Me Away for an honest review.

Earlier this summer, Gideon Media dropped the first half of their science fiction series Give Me Away. From writer Mac Rogers and director Jordana Williams, this story follows Graham Shapiro (Sean Williams), divorced and adrift at 50, struggling to keep his life on track. Things get a bit worse when the world needs to deal with a spaceship crash-landed in the Nevada desert.

The world has dubbed this ship “The Ghosthouse.” It’s filled with screams of thousands of extraterrestrial political prisoners. Their minds have been uploaded and trapped within a mainframe and their bodies have been left behind. The only way to free them is to transfer them into the bodies of willing humans who want to share their minds. But who would volunteer for this? Graham, of course!

Give Me Away doesn’t just follow Graham’s journey as he enters into the world of radical hospitality, but of everyone involved.

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I know the wait for part two of Give Me Away was only a few weeks. I know, but it almost felt like forever. Part one of the science fiction series built up a story that kept me engaged throughout the first four half-hour episodes. The story focused on Graham’s divorce and finding his footing alongside the world trying to deal with The Ghosthouse. It opens up the floor to more questions that are touched upon in the second half of the season.

While the first part touched onto the side of horror science fiction, this one swerves into that lane quite a bit. It’s hard not to include those kinds of vibes when dealing with a ship full of consciousnesses and then ripping them out of a mainframe and into the body of humans like Graham. It also touches on how someone not from our planet could begin to understand our lives, even down to our most basic bodily functions.

Part two of Give Me Away even expands further from Graham’s story. It allows us not only to learn more about the neighbor in his brain but Graham’s family, the government workers at the Ghosthouse and the political side to this mission. There are still some unanswered questions and I hope that we will get another season that will continue to spin this tale.

If you are looking for a science fiction podcast that will keep you on your toes with top-notch writing and production quality – look no further than Give Me Away. It has quickly become one of my favorite series to listen to while doing pretty much anything. However, I do suggest just hanging out and doing nothing but listening to it the first time, so you don’t miss anything!

Give Me Away part one (episodes 1 – 4) is available now. Part two (episodes 5 – 9) kicked off September 17, 2021, and is releasing a new episode every Friday! They have a handy list of where you can find their episodes right here.

Podcast Review: GIVE ME AWAY




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