It’s this place. Whatever darkness came…it’s here to stay. Stick around long enough and it gets inside your skin, into your cells, like an infection.”- Hunter Shea (Island of the Forbidden). 

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the HouseWinchester, Insidious and The Haunting in Connecticut. What do these movies all have in common? Besides the fact that they are just a few of my favorite movies ever, they all share a similar theme in their plots: haunted houses. For as long as mainstream storytelling such as books and movies have been around, a common trope for setting a creepy scene is throwing in an abandoned house or building. Rarely do we learn the history behind these long forgotten structures. We just know they are potentially haunted therefore we stay away. Far, far away. This is where your new favorite podcast, Ghost Town, comes in. 


Think My Favorite Murder but for super creepy places, Ghost Town is a part comedy part investigative podcast hosted by dream team Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib that dives into the history behind abandoned and esoteric places all over the world. I absolutely love this concept! It’s got a little something for everyone. Any fan of horror, history or true crime can appreciate Horton and Leib’s delivery of well researched and interesting information on each location. Their best episode so far is on the Lizzie Borden house (episode 11) but I, as a Bostonian, maybe biased on that. 


Undoubtedly the best aspect of the podcast and certainly my personal favorite part, is the dynamic of our two hosts. They have the chemistry of two camp counselors conspiring to scare the youngsters via spooky stories around the campfire. They’re funny, professional and just seem like the kind of people you’d want to get a drink with. They are even willing to go the extra mile with some of these episodes which makes for an added bonus; such is the case with the episode on Janis Joplin and her final days. They actually went to the Landmark Motor Hotel in room 105 (where Joplin died) to record part 1 then recorded parts 2 and 3 at Barney’s Beanery (the last place Joplin was seen alive). If that isn’t ghost hunting at its finest then I don’t know what is!

This podcast has resulted in me putting a bunch of new locations to visit on my bucket list. It’s always a delight seeing Ghost Town pop up on my feed. The hosts are lovely, the locations are perfectly selected and the overall production is done well. This podcast has it all and a little bit more. I urge new listeners to start with either the Lizzie Borden or Denver Airport episodes, as those are the best ones, then make your way back. I promise you’ll want to binge the hell out of Ghost Town by the time you’re done. 

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