A political plot, possible treason, multiple dimensions, what more could you ask of Dream State? The newest podcast from Tynan Media, Dream State will have you hooked from the first episode! Wholly original, this podcast will hopefully stay around for a long time! 

Plot of Dream State

Months after the kidnapping of the president’s daughter, interrogations are taking place. Those involved with the case, Nat, Claire, and others are questioned about their parts in the abduction of the president’s daughter. Rosemary Kennedy was abducted from inside the car in the motorcade, and no one knows how. The Center of Neurological Capacity Harnessing (CoNCH)  has stepped in. They’ve detected a breach in the fabric of this dimension in the car where she was abducted. But is there more? 

Review of Dream State

Dream State is like no other podcast out today. The layers of storytelling, the plot, and the action sequences are incredible to listen to. Its already garnered multiple five star reviews from listeners.

Because there has already been a President Kennedy in the United States, it’s hard to place when this podcast is supposed to take place. Although, the former President Kennedy had an older sister named Rosemary, not a daughter. However, this shouldn’t keep new listeners from checking out Dream State

Although it sometimes sounds like actors are a little too close to their mics, their acting is solid and believable throughout. Particularly Claire gives a compelling performance. 

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What You Need To Know

The storyline of Dream State is multilayered, with interview sections and bits of the story being narrated and acted out in kind. It’s hard to listen to as a bedtime story, you’ll want to give this one your full attention! 

Fans of FlatLiners (the original), Welcome to NightVale, and Steal the Stars will love Dream State

Dream State is in the beginning of its first season. Two episodes have been released at the time of this review. Episodes run about 40 minutes in length. Dream State is intended for mature audiences. 

Dream State is written by Matt McCarthy. It is produced by Tynan Media. You can listen to episodes of Dream State on iTunes and PlayerFM


Carolyn Ducker