Picture it: The remote area of  Isdalen Valley, right outside of Bergen, Norway quickly becoming a place of nightmares for two young girls after they discover the body of a woman. Her body was terribly burnt and surrounded by an array of peculiar objects. Investigators knew right away they had an odd case on their hands. What they didn’t know is how complicated things would get. Eight fake passports, 500 Deutsche Marks sewn in the lining of her suitcase, all the labels on her clothes meticulously removed; even after 47 years of investigating the true identity of this woman and her cause of death still remains a mystery. 

From BBC World Service, Death in Ice Valley is a true crime podcast that follows our hosts Neil McCarthy (BBC documentary maker) and Marit Higraff (Norwegian investigative journalist) as they investigate the case of The Isdal Woman and the endless questions surrounding her. By creating a Facebook page for listeners to join as well as a website laying out all the evidence of case, Neil and Marit are hoping modern science and the public will finally be able to solve one of Norway’s most notorious cold cases.   


I have always loved conspiracy theories. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it was that got me into them since I was fairly young when I fell in love with them. So it’s no surprise audio dramas like The Black Tapes and Rabbits appeal to me, however they have become a blip on my radar compared to what has literally become my new favorite podcast. Death in Ice Valley has everything one could possibly want out of a good mystery. A 47 year old cold case, secret police cover ups, potential spies, what more could a conspiracy nut ask for? 

I can not recommend this podcast enough. I finished all the available episodes in less than two days. It’s captivating, enticing  and Marit Higraff’s lovely accent had me wrapped around her little finger right away. In all seriousness, it’s a well put together production that any mystery buff can enjoy with its eerie tone to keep you on the edge of your seat. The show is currently complete with a total of 10 episodes, each ranging from about 30-40 minutes so it won’t take too long for a first time listener to get caught up on the case. But even though the show is over the fun doesn’t end there! You can join the official Death in Ice Valley Facebook group to talk or swap theories with other listeners. It’s a compelling story that’s really worth a listen. Do yourself a favor. Who knows? Maybe you can help solve the case. 


Fallon Marie Gannon