From the stellar publishing service Serial Box comes Dead Air, where M is for midnight, Mackenzie, and…murder. Mackenzie Walker wasn’t planning on using her college’s radio show to solve a decades-old murder- really she wasn’t! It just kinda turned out that way. After using her radio time to do a segment on the murder of Peg Graham- the founder of a successful Kentucky horse-racing dynasty- Mackenzie receives an anonymous call that the wrong man is in prison for the crime. Even though the case has been closed for years, thanks to a confession from the assumed killer, Mackenzie can’t resist digging a little deeper. 
Dead Air is the phenomenal creation by dream team Gwenda BondRachel Caine and Carrie Ryan. All three are best selling authors so it’s no surprise that they’ve created a story that is slowly becoming one of my new favorite series. The podcast alone is so totally original and compelling that my conspiracy loving self can’t get enough of all the twists and turns in this case. The fantastic plot and talented cast of voice actors always leaves me eager for the next episode, what could possibly make Dead Air even better? Well, Serial Box has the answer to that. 
I had never heard of Serial Box before being introduced to this podcast and that is a shame because it’s pretty great. After diving blindly into downloading the Serial Box app and making an account I just assumed this was just another service available to listen to the podcast as well as read the transcripts. I was pleasantly surprised to see this was not the case. It turns out the podcast only scratches the surface of Mackenzie’s investigation. In a similar fashion to Courtney Summers’ new novel Sadie and podcast The Girls, Serial Box offers a completely different and additional way to consume the same story; in the form of a serialized novel narrated by Mackenzie. 
I won’t give too much away but I love the novel so very much. It’s so much fun to listen to a new episode of the podcast then turn around and listen to the new chapter, just to see how Mackenzie got her latest scoop. It’s a total behind the scenes situation in which you learn all about Mackenzie’s inside sources as well as get clues about the following week’s podcast. The podcast is free and the Serial box episodes go for $1,99 each or you can buy the complete season for $13.99 which I insist you consider. And even if Dead Air turns out to not be your cup of tea- though I doubt this will be the case- Serial Box has plenty of other serials for you to chose from! It’s an incredibly unique service that gives its providers not just a story but an experience. 
Dead Air is currently my new obsession. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and check out Serial Box to find out what secrets Mackenzie is keeping from her listeners. 
Fallon Marie Gannon