Five years ago, Molly Weaver, Bryan Anderson, and Nathan Howell started a podcast focused on the local legend of a monster called The Blackwood Bugman. Quickly, the investigation grows out of their control, as they discover that, not only are the legends seemingly true, many people in Blackwood have turned up dead or disappeared without a trace. Worse, there may be a reason why no one has ever uncovered the truth before. Someone is watching them, willing to do whatever it takes to keep the secret. Their recordings have finally been released. ‍(Skylark Media)


The Blackwood podcast is a new podcast from Skylark Media. The main gist is that a trio of friends- rich kid Bryan, new kid Nathan and future investigator Molly- decide to start a podcast about Blackwood’s local legend, The Blackwoood Bugman. The investigation quickly gets out of hand when they realize that not only is the Bugman real but that there is a horrifying reason why it’s remained a secret for so long. And, ya’ll. Ya’ll!!! This  podcast is crazy good! Blackwood is undoubtedly one of the best thrillers of 2018 as well as one of the best found footage podcasts of all time. With The Blair Witch Project being one of my favorite movies of all time, I appreciate the similarities in the plots; as well as the Children of the Corn vibes sprinkled on top. 


Right off the bat, our unnamed narrator gives listeners the idea something very bad has happened to our investigators. This makes getting attached to these characters, which you definitely will, that much more painful. The format is written so well that I’m just waiting for this to be adapted into a TV show like Lore and Homecoming. This absolutely phenomenal audio drama makes such a chilling impact that some believe these recordings are real. I know, very Blair Witch. But there really are some reviews online where mildly concerned listeners question the show’s authenticity. No doubt this is because of the exquisite cast. Especially the main characters consisting of Ian Colletti as Bryan Anderson, Cameron Johnson as Nathan Howell and Bekka Walker as my favorite character of the podcast, Molly Weaver.

 Blackwood gets me looking forward to Wednesdays and there is no doubt they will do the same for you. There are only a couple episodes left and the amount of ranting, raving and movie references I make about this show isn’t going to do it justice. Which is why I urge anyone even mildly interested to listen wherever you get your podcasts. Including on their official website which includes, if you scroll all the way down, pictures related to the events happening in the episodes. Binge the whole thing, get as invested as me then give Blackwood a good review because they honestly deserve it. 

Blackwood is a production of Skylark Media, written by Will Rogers and directed by Mark Freiburger.

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