If you like shows that keep you on the edge of your seat and propel you quickly through their episodes, you’ve come to the right place. Augustine is a show that, though you can finish it in a little over an hour, will haunt you for much, much longer.

Plot of Augustine

Daniel Kunkel is a college student creating a podcast for his final project at school. Through his exploration of the town of Augustine, Maine, and surrounding conspiracies, Daniel gets sucked into a mystery much bigger than himself. That mystery may come to harm him, if he’s not careful. 

Review of Augustine

The boom in investigative journalism podcasts started with Serial, and exploded into the fiction podcast world with shows like Limetown, and the Pacific Northwest Stories canon. Augustine is one of these shows, but the comparisons stop shortly after its categorization. 

As a whole, Augustine is simply a lot shorter than the other shows I mentioned. Not only in length of series (it is a miniseries, after all). The episodes are a little short. In one of the episodes, like a lot of investigative journalism shows, Daniel says he needs to “record everything”, yet there is no lengthening of the show in any way. This claim becomes unbelievable, although the show carries on. The plot grows so quickly dense that listeners are hardly given time to process what they’ve already been told. This adds to the atmosphere of the show, but it leaves listeners simply wishing for more content. 

In episode 5, a recording is played. Daniel reveals all of the content of the recording before it is played, so the playing of the interview adds nothing to the show. The language used by both Daniel and the recorded person are almost exactly the same. Whether this is to show that Daniel is tired, or if it’s just an oversight that wasn’t caught, this was the one moment in the show that broke the reality for me.

Outside of that, there is no intro or outro kind of revelation that the show is not real, so listeners can only believe every claim made as true. 

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Some of the sound mixing feels a little off. Phone calls come in much louder, and interviews quieter. Somehow though, instead of taking away from the show, this adds to the piecemeal feel of the show, and makes it seem more real.  I’ve always been a fan of making shows feel more real.

Especially with that ending, listeners are going to want to investigate further after the conclusion, which makes me hope for a second season. 

What You Need to Know

Augustine is a complete 8 part miniseries. Episodes run about 7 minutes long. There is a generally dark tone to this podcast, so its not suitable for young listeners.

Fans of Limetown, The Black Tapes and Small Town Horror should check out this podcast! 

Augustine is written and produced by Daniel Kunkel. You can listen to episodes of Augustine on iTunes and PodOMatic. 

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Carolyn Ducker