From one of the creators of Welcome to Night Vale comes an equally creepy and equally stunning podcast about searching, finding, and the adventures along the way. Alice Isn’t Dead is one of the shiniest podcasts out there, with some of the grittiest subject matter. 

Plot of Alice Isn’t Dead

Long thought to be dead, Keisha (voiced by Jasika Nicole of Welcome to Night Vale and Fringe fame) has just discovered Alice, her wife, is alive, and she will stop at nothing to find her. As a truck driver, Keisha has almost free reign to roam the country. Except for, you know, the Yellow Man following her. 

Review of Alice Isn’t Dead

Alice Isn’t Dead is a podcast I was lucky enough to find while on a road trip. Episodes fly by at a remarkable pace. The storytelling skills at Night Vale Presents are truly unparalleled in the audio drama verse. The story is so well executed. Each episode drops in enough questions to keep listeners coming back, but resolving enough conflict to satisfy listeners. Season finales feel underwhelming until the last minute or so, when everything creepy comes into play.

This podcast is the perfect binge-able treat. However, episodes are memorable enough that listeners don’t have to finish the season in one sitting. 

Alice Isn’t Dead also uses music from Disparition, who did the theme song from Welcome to Night Vale. Disparition are true masters of the podcast-theme craft. Even listening to a stand alone album of theirs sucks you back into the world of podcasts. 

There is a reason this show is listed in the original Top 5 Serialized Fiction Podcasts post on this site. Alice Isn’t Dead was one of the first shows to make me truly fall in love with podcasts. I was very skeptical going in. After listening to Welcome to Night Vale, I thought, no way can any other podcast be this good. I was wrong. Alice Isn’t Dead performs up to standard, and even raises the bar for Night Vale Presents. I’m curious to see what else can come out of this powerhouse of podcast production. 

What You Need to Know

Alice Isn’t Dead has 23 episodes (including bonus episodes). It is almost time for its third season. Episodes run about 20-40 minutes. Alice Isn’t Dead has a general sense of dread, and some graphic depictions of violence. This podcast comes equipped with content warnings at the start of particularly unsettling episodes. 

Fans of Welcome to Night Vale, Attention Hellmart Shoppers!, and The Strange Case of Starship Iris should check out this podcast post-haste! 

Alice Isn’t Dead is a production of Night Vale Presents. It is written by Joseph Fink. You can listen to episodes of Alice Isn’t Dead on iTunes, RadioPublic, Spotify, GooglePlay, and at NightValePresents.Com/AliceIsntDead

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Carolyn Ducker