If you loved The End of Time and Other Bothers, listen to the show that started it all! Alba Salix: Royal Physician is a magical sitcom for your ears! 

Plot of Alba Salix: Royal Physician

Alba Saylix, the older sister of Queen Parabel, lives at the beck and call of King Gunther. She is a witch working in the Falorian Hospital. Can she heal anyone with an ex-monk named Magnus of Hezelford weighing her down as her apprentice, or the anxiety of (trying to be a good) fairy Holly as her herbalist? Tune in to find out! 

Review of Alba Salix: Royal Physician

A lot of shows like this feel like they’re trying to hard a lot of the time. “Alba Saylix” is one of the most natural sitcoms I’ve come across!

The actors are funny but don’t overwork their lines or voices. A personal favorite of mine is Olivia Jon who voices Holly the Fairy Herbalist. She manages to perfectly capture what it feels like to have anxiety about your performance at work, while still maintaining an overall sunny demeanor. If anything, these actors sound like they’re doing children’s theatre, but amped up and for an audience that appreciates the sunniness under sarcasm and quickly thrown down quips. 


There are no characters that listeners will hate, except from an “Oh, this is the antagonist” point of view. Carter Siddell as Helbard Krankel shows up in the most random moments to try and oust Alba; audiences will love his playful take on the antagonist’s role.

Each character is memorable, with tag lines, personalities, and (it feels like) individually developed histories, which are independent from the show. Characters are developed. Even in the first few episodes, clear character arcs are established quickly, and played out well through out the show. 

The sound mixing is fantastic. None of the sudden chimes are out of place or seem to be put in there just to startle listeners. All of the characters speak at the same volume. There is no distortion or echoing. In short, everything is very clean and professionally mixed, and the team at “Alba Saylix” have something to be really proud of here! 

This is the perfect podcast to listen to before bed, to send your mind on a fantastical adventure! You don’t want to miss Alba Salix: Royal Physician

What You Need to Know

Alba Salix: Royal Physician has completed its first season and has an IndiGoGo up to fund its second season. It has 11 episodes, including two mini episodes, a prelude, and outtakes from season 1. Episodes run about 30 minutes. There is mild swearing. 

Fans of Hello From the Magic Tavern, The End of Time and Other Bothers, and EOS 10 will love this podcast! Check out its sister show, The Axe and Crown, also on iTunes! 

Alba Salix: Royal Physician is written by Eli McIlveen and Sean Howard. It is produced by The Forgery League. You can listen to episodes of Alba Salix:Royal Physician on iTunes, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, Spotify, Stitcher,  and at their website, here