On June 2, PlayStation State of Play revealed two amazing treats for Horizon fans! The first was a new trailer for the previously announced Horizon Call of the Mountain. Developed by Guerilla Games and Firesprite for PlayStation VR2, Call of the Mountain features a new player character named Ryas.

Ryas is a Shadow Carja soldier, a master archer and climber. Blameless Marad, the advisor to Sun-King Avad, arranges for Ryas’ freedom from prison on the condition that Ryas investigates some machine trouble.

Through Ryas, players can explore the world of Horizon in VR and meet familiar faces from the first two games, like Aloy herself. If the trailer is any indication, the adventure will be breathtaking. The Horizon games are visually beautiful, but in VR, the experience will elevate it to stunning. You can get more details at the PlayStation blog.

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There’s no release date yet for Call of the Mountain, but State of Play’s other bit of Horizon news delivers immediate gratification. An update to Horizon Forbidden West is available now (June 2, 2022). This update will allow players to experience Ultra Hard gameplay mode and Game Plus.

Horizon Zero Dawn players know that Game Plus enables players to carry their acquired weaponry, skills, etc., from their first playthrough into future games. I’m already dreaming about what I can accomplish in future Forbidden West playthroughs if I can start with my good bows and shieldwing.

The Forbidden West update provides visual improvements for PS4 and PS5 and new features. There’s a transmog feature, allowing players new options for customizing and equipping outfits. There’s a respec feature too, which enables redistribution of skill points.

Having just completed a Forbidden West playthrough myself, I’m most excited by the reported addition of a new Herbalist vendor who sells animal parts. (No more endless searching in the wilds for every part needed to upgrade my carry capacity. Woo-hoo!)

Check out the trailers for Horizon Call of the Mountain and the Horizon Forbidden West update below.

What’s your favorite part of the new Forbidden West upgrade? Are you as blown away as we were by the Call of the Mountain trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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