With the COVID-19 pandemic in full force, there are few things we really have to look forward to without fear that it is going to be pulled out from under us. However, PlayStation has swooped in today to drop new images on their Twitter of the upcoming PlayStation 5 controller and it looks simplistic and beautiful. Right now Sony has shared that the pandemic will not affect the release of the new console for this upcoming holiday season.

Sony shared additional information regarding the PS5 controller on the Playstation Blog. They have taken feedback regarding the PlayStation 4 Dual Shock controller and used it to build a better controller for this release. They worked to create a control that felt good in the hands of players with added technology without all of the additional bulk. The new PS5 Dual Sense controller features a rechargeable battery (yes to cutting the cords!), a built-in mic that can be toggled on and off, as well as adaptive triggers to L2 and R2 so players can feel the tension of their actions during gameplay.

Overall the new PS5 controller is looking pretty nice. The sleekness reminds me of the Xbox One controller which has always felt more comfortable to hold but was then made uncomfortable due to the placement of the joysticks. Let’s hope things will keep looking good right up until the release this holiday season!

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Julia Roth
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