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To celebrate National Talk Like A Pirate Day, we have five WEBTOON series that will have you ready to set sail. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience; these pirates are sure to welcome you aboard. Just be sure to stay clear of their treasure and maybe pack some oranges to avoid that nasty scurvy. Or, maybe just enjoy the pirate life from the comfort of your favorite chair and enjoy these WEBTOON series. Take your pick!

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Shadow Pirates

Our first series is Sean Galloway, Ian Hopps and Leonel Castellani’s Shadow Pirates. All evildoers beware, there is a new sheriff in town. And this ragtag group of heroes will do whatever they must to protect their underwater city and the inhabitants of Old San Diego. You haven’t seen justice until you’ve seen what the Shadow Pirates lay down the law. This isn’t your typical pirate on the seven seas series. Instead, it has a fantasy/futuristic type feel that is unique and beyond enjoyable to read. Seriously, don’t wait to check this one out!

Shadow Pirates is complete and can be read here!

The Shadow Pirates arrive in Old San Diego.

Shadow Pirates WEBTOON Original Series.

Space Pirates

Not every pirate needs to set sail on the seven seas. In fact, some would rather take off for the stars. In Slothian’s Space Pirates, one very unsuccessful group of bandits are doing exactly that. Of course, they didn’t expect to get tangled up in a dangerous galactic conspiracy. I love pirates in space to an unnatural level. There is just something about setting off across the stars in search of treasure and fame that is so appealing. It mixes together two of my favorite genres, fantasy and sci-fi, and features adorable space creatures!

Space Pirates can be read here!

The leader of the Space Pirates getting ready to blast through outer space.

Space Pirates WEBTOON Canvas Series.

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The Pirate and the Princess

Our next series to read for National Talk Like A Pirate Day is Sapphire and Ice‘s The Pirate and the Princess. The series follows Princess Kirianna, who has been raised for two reasons, marriage and succession. She is a dutiful, intelligent and optimistic girl who has come to terms with her fate a long time ago. So, the last thing she expected was to be pulled into a life of piracy by a mysterious woman with a grudge against Kiranna’s father. This is a must-read on my list for anyone looking for an LGBT story featuring fantasy, pirates and romance.

The Pirate and the Princess can be read here!

Princess Kirianna looking out the window.

The Pirate and the Princess WEBTOON Canvas Series.

The Curse of Pirate’s Bay

What would a pirate story be without a good curse or two? In Mimosa frm‘s The Curse of Pirate’s Bay, Now, this isn’t your typical pirate story. Eva is a young adventurous girl who happens to find herself stuck on a ship or pirates. To survive, she will have to keep her head down and make her way back home. But what if this trip teaches her more about herself than she ever knew? The art style of this series is what really won me over in the beginning, but the story is what kept me coming back. Eva is impossible not to love.

The Curse of Pirate’s Bay can be read here!

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The skeleton pirate coughing on his pipe while telling a story.

The Curse of Pirate’s Bay WEBTOON Canvas Series.


Our final series to enjoy for National Talk Like A Pirate Day is none other than Boredman‘s BlackSmith! Zoa always thought there was nothing more cruel and monstrous than a pirate. Well, that is until she becomes one. And now, she must lead this bloodthirsty crew until she can find a way to reverse the curse. But, the more time goes on, the more Zoa learns monsters aren’t born – they are made. I don’t know how many times I can repeat this – read this series. It is the perfect blend of fantasy, pirate and supernatural that you need.

BlackSmith can be read here!

Zoa and her friends trying to figure out how to make a wish to the idol.

BlackSmith WEBTOON Original Series.

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