Pins are all the rage these days. The small enamel pins can be used to deck out jean jackets, bags and other statement pieces. But what if they could be more? That is where Pinfinity comes in! They have brought us collectible pins from our favorite fandoms mixed with the power of augmented reality. I got a chance to check out some of their newest pins and instantly fell in love with them!

Pinfinity recently partnered with Capcom to release a set of Street Fighter pins. These include Chun-Li, Blanka, Ryu, M. Bison, Sagat and the Street Fighter II logo. The pins themselves are fantastically done. Each pin is roughly two inches tall and looks like near replicas of their in-game characters. The art style is spot on and the colors are vibrant. It’s clear to see that these pins are of high quality.

The fun part comes after the pins come out of the packaging. Every pin is outfitted with AR that can be used with the Pinfinity app. It was really simple to set up. All I had to do was download the app on my phone and scan the pin. The AR for each pin is completely different. On-screen, I was able to watch as Chun-Li’s pin did a flourish of rapid kicks with audio playing in the background. When I scanned Ryu’s pin he started doing spinning kicks and bouncing around on the screen.

Capcom Street Fighter pins through Pinfinity.

Capcom Street Fighter pins through Pinfinity.

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Aside from the Street Fighter pins I was also able to check out a few of the other ones as well. My personal favorite was the NASA space shuttle pin. Again, like Pinfinity’s other pins, it is of high quality. But where I found it really shined was with the AR portion. When I scanned this pin into my phone, the black space behind the shuttle began to shift showing off a galaxy effect. 

Above the shuttle was an interactable “learn more” button that provided additional information surrounding the ship itself. I was able to see where different parts of the shuttle were like the payload doors and side hatch. There was also a portion that gave stats like wingspan, length and height. This got me thinking. The information they could share through the pins is pretty much endless. Imagine meeting someone at a convention, scanning their pins and learning all about a brand new fandom!

Pinfinity has a store on their site that sells AR pins from a plethora of different fandoms. This includes Jay and Silent Bob and the recent addition of Dungeons and Dragons pins! They are constantly seeing new additions so be sure to check them out. If you are a pin connoisseur, I highly suggest checking out their pin subscription. Each month two pins will arrive at your door based on a specific theme. November’s continues the Street Fighter collection by adding Akuma and Cammy. So if you are a pin lover be sure to check them out and grab yourself a few of your favorite pins!



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