The full trailer for Jessica Jones season two is here.  It finds Jessica (Krysten Ritter) putting the pieces of her life back together, and searching for answers.  By the end of the trailer, it looks like she gets at least one of those answers.  

The season two trailer focuses heavily on baggage.  Jones is dealing with the aftermath of killing her arch nemesis, the fallout from The Defenders, and the damage done to her psyche and her body when she was altered after her family died in a car crash.  Through most of the trailer, she’s searching for whomever experimented on her, making her who she is.  She questions if the knowledge of what actually happened will help her heal or make her worse.  

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In the midst of that search, she officially gains a sidekick.  Trish (Rachael Taylor) is actively taking on that role, even naming herself a sidekick in the trailer.  Toward the end, the action ramps up. The aggression is clearly building in Jones, to the point where she says ‘it takes a monster to stop a monster.’  And, then… we get a still shot of the hands of an unknown person, giving Jones the iconic villainous slow clap.  Who is the clapper!?!  

You can find out starting March 8th when Jessica Jones season 2 starts streaming on Netflix.



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