Fall television is about to unleash itself upon us and none too soon! There’s been flood of marketing pics on the interwebs this week so I’ve curated a few from the most anticipated nerd shows.

We’re already three weeks into Doctor Who Season 8 featuring the thirteenth Time Lord played by Peter Capaldi. BBC has been releasing photos weekly of the upcoming episodes and I love it! This gallery is for Saturday’s new episode, “Listen.”

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In addition to the Doctor Who pics this week, we also got some great on set photos from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. featuring new cast member Lucy Lawless who, of course, looks amazing and I’m not talking about her good looks because we all know she has those. I’m talking about the incredible magnitude of awesome she brings to the screen just from her presence. Actors dream of having that kind of powerful presence. I think the sophomore season of the ABC/Marvel show is going to kick some ass.

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Here’s Sleepy Hollow which premieres September 22 on Fox.. This may have been the most exciting freshman nerd show from broadcast television last season. In fact, I’ll just say it was. In this set of pics we see Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) holding a big old machine gun. Wait, what!?!? And of course there’s Abbie (Nicole Beharie) kicking ass as she does. Love that character!

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Carol Kane is going to be playing Oswald Cobblepot’s (The future Penguin) mother on Gotham. Well, it may not say that but her character is listed as Gertrude Kapelput / Gertrude Cobblepot so that was easy to deduce. She looks amazing in these pics (although she’ll always be Valerie from The Princess Bride to me)

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And finally, Z Nation. Looking forward to seeing it tonight (Friday, September 12 on Syfy). I know we are all suffering from Zombie Fatigue so I’m hoping that this will have a new twist on an already tried and true trope. I’ll also be watching because Harold Perrineau. Yep.

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