At the recent season 8 DVD Launch Q&A, Peter Capaldi revealed to all of us and Steven Moffat that he initially turned down an audition for Doctor Who in the 1996 TV movie. That role ultimately went to Paul McGann.

When Capaldi was asked on why he didn’t even audition his response was “I knew I wouldn’t get it.”

Timing is everything. I am actually a big fan of Paul McGann and I thought he was great as Doctor Who in the TV movie and also in the slew of Doctor Who Radio Plays he did after the TV movie. I also believe Peter Capaldi is perfect for this version. Now if we can just get an age appropriate companion in there…say a 30-ish american of mixed race, maybe from Texas so she’s a no B.S. type. Very attractive but also incredibly smart and VERY attractive, did I say that? The whole package some would say….I might be talking about myself.


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