Okay, last week my Wee-Cap wasn’t so wee. I’ll try to work on that but so much happened AGAIN in Episode 9, ‘And Hell Itself My Only Foe’ yeesh!

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In Ep 9 of Penny Dreadful , the American guy that Ethan has disfigured and now wears a mask, shows up at The Cut Wife’s cottage where Ethan and Vanessa are hiding out. He confronts them, there’s a very stabby violent fight and he gets killed. At least Ethan and Vanessa were nice enough to bury him because that guy was a number one a-hole. Then Victor shows up in a wagon and tells them Sir Malcolm’s in trouble and now it’s back to London.

Sir Malcolm continues to be haunted my his wife, son and daughter’s apparition. Evelyn’s downstair in her creepy puppet/fetish room. Hecate pays her mother a visit and challenges her authority. Evelyn is having none of it. But the fight is on!

sir malcolm haunted penny dreadful

Vanessa and Ethan arrive in London. The Inspector shows up and tells Ethan, once again, that he’s on to him. Back at the mansion Ferdinand totally fesses up about everything. That he’s been working for the Master as well. Vanessa and Ethan want to get to the ‘Witches’ Palace’ but Ferdinand says no, “it will be an unholy slaughter.” Of course, Vanessa doesn’t listen and sneaks out.

Before they realize she’s gone, Sembene and Ethan have a BFF conversation where Sembene says the marks on his face are because he was a slave trader and that it’s his sin to live with.  When Ethan is alone Hecate visits him and makes a decent argument to come over to her side but then she lets her clothes disintegrate and becomes the bald scary gray thing with the pentegram on her body – not a good ending to your argument Hecate!

They realize Vanessa is gone and go to the palace. They being Victor, Ferdinand, Sembene and Ethan. Their plan? “Kill everyone you don’t recognize.” They split up. Ferdinand says a Jewish prayer.

Victor and Ferdinand find a room and go in. Ferdinand gets caught outside the room with one of the baldy scary girls. Victor see Malcolm on the floor and then he himself starts hallucinating about his own children – his creations – his creatures.

Vanessa is in the scary puppet room with Evelyn. It looks like a church of saints but alas it’s a church of voodoo dolls. Vanessa’s own fetish opens its eyes and calls Vanessa a murderer – chills. Oh yes, Evelyn unlocks door to The Master.

sembene penny dreadful

Now here’s the crazy part. Ethan and Sembene are trapped in a staircase together, Ethan can tell he’s gonna turn and tries to shoot himself. Sembene says no and “You have been chosen by God, my friend Ethan Chandler.” Ethan turns wolfman and KILLS Sembene! Is he really dead? Please don’t let Sembene be dead!!!!!!

OTHER STUFF: Lily is very close to making Dorian her bitch. She knows his secrets and he knows hers. She does the old strangle thing on Dorian that she did when she killed that one guy but she doesn’t kill Dorian. She calls him her “beloved immortal.”

The blind girl locks up John Clare/The Creature. Poor guy. Never any respect.

Okay, I think I managed to make that a bit more wee – right?

Up next week is the SEASON FINALE of Penny Dreadful, ‘And They Were Enemies’ – Vanessa must rely on her strength in order to defeat the demon.

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