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On last week’s Penny Dreadful Ep 7 ‘Little Scorpion’ Sembene talks to Ethan about witnessing Ethan turn into a werewolf. Ethan asks Sembene what he saw – It’s as if Ethan has no idea what happens when he turns.

Vanessa wants to get out of town after her blood rain meltdown at Dorian’s ball. She’s offended when Sir Malcolm, who is still under Helen’s spell, chocks it up to ‘female hysteria.’ Men.

vanessa ethan penny dreadful

Vanessa wants to leave and Ferdinand says go and tell no one where you are off to. So, Ethan and Vanessa head out to where The Cut Wife / Joan Clayton used to live before she was killed by an angry mob on the tree outside the cottage – which, according to Vanessa is why she doesn’t like trees. There begins a wonderful stretch of the episode where it is Vanessa and Ethan all the time. She teaches him about herbs, he teaches her about shooting (although she’s already a perfect shot), she teaches him how to dance. Vanessa says that dolls scare her (now let’s assume she’ll eventually come face to face with her own voodoo doll). Ethan takes a break and leaves to go turn into a werewolf and eats some sheep. They have long thoughtful conversations. Ethan cuts down the tree where Joan was killed. They run into that evil man that killed Joan. You know, happy times.

ehtan cutting tree penny dreadful

Then,  finally it’s going to happen. They are sooooo going to get together. There’s a storm, the house catches fire so you know what that means, right? I mean rain + thunder and lightning + fire = sweet lovemaking. So there they are, staring at each other and they begin but Vanessa yells “No!” She says they are dangerous together. And Ethan, being a gentleman takes no for an answer.

Ethan goes to kill that horrible guy that killed Joan Clayton but Vanessa beats him to it by doing a spell that turn his dogs on him. Ethan is very upset with Vanessa about killing the man and speechifies to her about killing and how it will scar her very soul. He ends his lecture by saying, “Welcome to the night, Vanessa.” Chills.

lily and dorian penny dreadful

Dorian takes Lily to the wax museum and the Creature/John Clare sees. Uh Oh. They look at a tableau of men digging up a body from a graveyard. Hmmmm. This affects Lily. She ends up going to a bar to seduce someone, anyone. Is it her profession from her former life that’s creeping back? While she’s having sex with an older guy she totally strangles and kills him. Why? What hath Victor wrought?

Next week on Penny Dreadful, Episode 8, ‘Memento Mori’ – The Creature unleashes his rage; Sir Malcolm confronts Evelyn. Here’s the trailer for Ep. 8 and a couple of previews.

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