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After last week’s Penny Dreadful sexy times, this week we saw the morning after times. Lily tries to cook eggs for Victor. Evelyn steals some of Sir Malcolm’s hair, Dorian wants to throw Angelique a ball and Malcolm’s wife’s body is found.

Vanessa breaks the news to Sir Malcolm about his wife but because he’s under Evelyn/Madame Kali’s spell, he’s much like the honey badger and he don’t care. Evelyn is making a fetish with Sir Malcolm’s hair and the frakking doll has are real heart inside and Evelyn kisses the heart because, you know, the Devil.


Dorian shows up at Vanessa’s and says, “I come bearing an adventure.” Wow, if he said that to me… Anyway, he invites Vanessa and Victor since he happens to be there. Ethan’s American friend with half a face shows up to let him know he’s still after him and will kill his entire family if Ethan doesn’t return with him to the States.

The blind girl doesn’t like John Clare’s cold hands so she tells her dad and now her dad is thinking up fancy ideas for his show.

penny dreadful blind girl

Ferdinand and Evelyn talk about the ball. I’m still upset that Ferdinand is in cahoots with Evelyn even though he does not want to be. In fact, Evelyn says something interesting, “I didn’t turn from God, he turned from me.” And then tops that off with saying by serving the Master their reward is “to live forever while the world suffers.” That’s nice.

Vanessa asks Ethan to go to the Ball with her but he says no. Doesn’t give a reason but we know! It’s because it’s Werewolf Turning Night! He gets Sembene to put him in chains and we see his transformation. It scares the crap out of Sembene and nothing ever scares Sembene!


This was great. Dorian and Angelique look gorgeous. Every male is black tie except for Dorian. He has some color in his tux. Lily and Victor show up and this is where it gets interesting because when in Lily’s former life as a hooker she had sex with Dorian in this very room!

Episode 206

Dorian and Lily feel a connection and it is palpable. Both Victor and Angelique are totally jealous. Vanessa and Evelyn have a tete a tete at the ball. They are not meant to be friends with Evelyn wanting to kill her and all. Vanessa knows that Evelyn has something to do with Malcolm’s behavior.

Vanessa goes to leave and senses that the three young witches are descending upon her causing her to hallucinate. What does she hallucinate? Blood rain. BLOOD. RAIN. It ‘s so gross and awesome and she passes out.

Next up on Penny Dreadful is Episode 7, ‘Little Scorpion’:

Vanessa and Ethan flee to the Cut-Wife’s cottage on the lonely moors where they draw closer together, until a figure from her dark past resurfaces. Meanwhile, Lyle and Frankenstein uncover disturbing information from the Verbis Diablo relics; and its learned that Lily isn’t what she appears to be.

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