Shortly following the introduction of Baron Samedi and the Voodoo pantheon, Hi-Rez has announced the next God for their popular MOBASMITE. Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes, comes from the new Polynesian pantheon. This will be the third new pantheon to be featured this season in SMITE following Slavic and Voodoo. Pele is set to release with patch 5.14 on PC and on PS4 and Xbox One about a week later. If you do not have the Ultimate God Pack DLC, Pele will cost you 11,000 favor or 200 gems to add her to your roster. To get a closer look at the newest assassin God to enter the arena keep reading below!

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Fire has the ability to create and destroy all things. The fire from within Pele is what rose the islands from under the sea to create the Polynesian world. She was worshiped in life for her great power and in death her spirit is said to reside in Halemaumau crater. Her fiery personality can be seen throughout her abilities as she burns through other Gods with her immense power. She has come back to help protect to world and people she helped create so many years ago.


Passive: Pele’s passive Everlasting Flame helps when she is in dire need. As she drops below 50% health she gains an increase in physical power, life steal, and ability life steal. This passive has a cool down of 20 seconds allowing it to come up more often.

Pyrcoclast: This range attack is a fiery magma orb that shots out from Pele striking enemies in front of her. Once it has reached it’s maximum distance, the magma solidifies and returns back to Pele in pieces dealing more damage. As you level the ability, it will increase the number of shards returning. Pele has two charges of this ability and then a 14 second cool down.

Eruption: As Pele moves around the battlegrounds she can erupt energy into the ground around her causing it to explode dealing both damage and causing a Knockup to all enemies. As you level this ability up to 3 and then 5 it expands the area out again at a delay up to three segments dealing less damage and a smaller Knockup. The cool down this ability is 15 seconds.

Magma Rush: This ability focuses on Pele’s fuel gauge allowing her to churn the land below her and deal damage to nearby enemies. While the ability is toggled on, her movement speed is amplified as well. This ability has no cool down; however, it can not be activated if Pele has under 10 fuel.

Volcanic Lighting: Once Pele has gotten warmed up she can unleash her Ultimate. She dashes forward dealing massive damage and a slow to the first enemy hit plus additional damage to enemies behind in a cone shape. After completing her initial burst and damage for the next 10 seconds or 3 attacks, Pele will deal additional damage to enemies behind the initial target. Pele’s Ultimate has a cool down of 90 seconds.

Recommended Item Builds

Like any good assassin the item build should focus on movement speed, physical power, and penetration. Items that can increase Pele’s movement speed will extremely benefit her ability Magma Rush. There is nothing like the thrill of chasing down an enemy trying to escape a group battle and snuffing them out in a ball of fiery fury. You will also need a bit of penetration in order to really dig deep into the big tough guys. You always want to think of defense as well, but make sure to stick with items that are going to give you multiple benefits as well.

Personal Review

I got to spend some time playing Pele on the PTS (public test server) and I have fallen in love. She has such amazing movement that it made it so easy to chase down enemies that were trying to get away. It did take a few times to understand and maximize use of her Magma Rush, unless you turn it off you burn through fuel. She never felt too clunky, but she is very squishy which is normal for assassins. However she was truly enjoyable to play and when set up well she can really shut down enemy Gods quickly.


[Photos and video courtesy of Hi-Rez]


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