Well this is a little surprising! According to EW, Pedro Pascal of Game of Thrones and Narcos fame has been cast in the Wonder Woman sequel. This is our second large casting for the film but things seem to be a bit more hush hush as we haven’t learned all too much of his role. 

According to EW, the actor is in a unnamed yet “key” role for the film. Sadly, that’s all we’ve learned about it. With the film still being said to take place in the 80s with the Cold War happening, there’s a number of characters he could be playing. Personally, I think he may end up being a more original character but which side will he be on? Maybe playing both sides to his own advantage? That’s something we’ll have to rack our brains about until we learn more.

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I’m digging the casting though. Pascal is a solid actor and a lot of fun to watch. Also hoping this is the first few in a longer line of great casting choices for the sequel film. Kristen Wiig is still my favorite casting choice though! 

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Erin Lynch