Fans didn’t have to wait too long for more Peaky Blinders news after Monday’s announcement that Season Six would unexpectedly be the drama’s last. That seemed to signal the end for Tommy Shelby and the Shelby Company Limited; however, that may no longer be the case.

In an interview with Variety, show creator Steven Knight confirmed what’s to come. After a year-long production delay, the team decided a movie was the best way to continue the story. In the interview, Knight said:

It’s a fully formed idea and it has a beginning, middle and end. And I think it’s going to be a fitting conclusion to the story told so far, but from it, there will be things I don’t really call spinoffs, but there will be other TV shows that I hope will come out of [it], that will continue to tell the story of this part of society and this family.

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Coming so soon after announcing the show’s premature demise, it’s exciting to hear that things are already in the works. Until Peaky Blinders‘ new season airs, it will be impossible to know what to expect in the future. However, one ominous quote from Knight stood out to me. Of what’s to come in Season Six, he said “many other things are gonna happen to Tommy that audiences will not be expecting,” something I definitely don’t like the sound of.

One thing Knight hasn’t announced is when Season Six will air. For now, we have official production photos to tide us over, including this image of Cillian Murphy on set as Tommy Shelby:

What do you hope to see in Season Six and beyond of Peaky Blinders? Let us know below!



Alex Faccibene