Peacock is hitting the casting out of the park for their upcoming adaptation of Twisted Metal. The high-octane comedy series from showrunner Michael Jonathan Smith is guaranteed to provide entertainment from beginning to end. Earlier this week, we learned that Thomas Haden Church would be joining Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz. Today, Peacock dropped the news that Neve Campbell, yes, the Neve Campbell of Scream fame, will be joining as a guest star for season one!

Campbell is one of those actresses that, if cast into a role, we know she will rock it. However, unlike the previous announcements for Mackie, Beatriz and Church, we know next to nothing about Campbell’s character. Her name is Raven. That’s it. So mysterious, and that is how we like it. Twisted Metal follows John Doe (Mackie) as he transports goods from one post-apocalyptic settlement to the next while facing off against the horrors of the road in between.

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He doesn’t remember anything about his life and just wants to stay alive. We get it. However, when he is handed a once-in-a-lifetime chance to find a true community, he has no choice but to take the job. Beatriz joins the cast as Quiet, a ferocious badass car thief who we believe will be joining Doe on his quest across the states. Church is taking on the role of Agent Stone, the cold and unyielding highway patrolman who is determined to bring law and order back to the Divided States of America.

Hopefully, as more information on the series is introduced, they will share more about who Raven is. Could she be someone from Doe’s past? It would make sense if she were to appear in flashbacks that he kind of remembers as he travels? Or is she connected to Quiet or Agent Stone? Or maybe she is the one who sends Doe on his quest? There are so many possibilities! But who cares who she plays? Campbell is going to rock whatever role she is in.

No release date has been set for Twisted Metal at this time. Be sure to check back in for more news! What theories do you have for Campbell’s character? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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