During the PC Gaming Show that took place digitally yesterday, Dontnod shared some exciting news. For the first time ever the company is self-publishing their own game, Twin Mirror. The team was able to accomplish this by building on its partnership with Epic Games. This also allowed them extra development time to fully realize their vision and bring gamers an uninterrupted narrative title. Because of this, the game will release in a single full experience unlike the episodic style of the Life Is Strange franchise.

Twin Mirror follows the story of investigative journalist Sam Higgs as he returns home to Basswood, WV to say a final goodbye to his best friend.  Sam may have moved on for Basswood, but the mysterious town isn’t ready to let go of him. He becomes torn in the choices of reconnecting with old friends or using his investigated abilities to uncover the town’s dark secrets. Every decision, interaction, and discovery will hold influence over Sam’s investigation. Dontnod shared that there are no right or wrong choices which makes everyone’s playthrough meaningful and unique.

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The teaser trailer opens with a false sense of security. It’s just Sam driving back and remarking on returning to Basswood. He even refers to it as ‘peaceful’ until something changed. But then things begin to take a turn towards the worst as the true nature of the game and the story begins to unfold within the trailer. What secrets does this small West Virginia town hold? Will Sam be able to uncover what is really going on? Or will he be swallowed up in it all? These are questions we need them to answer. I have no doubt that Dontnod will give us a tale we will never forget.

Twin Mirror will release sometime in 2020 for PC exclusively through the Epic Game Store, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.



Julia Roth
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