One of our favorite announcements from E3 2019 was Modus Games, Dream Uncorporated, and SYCK‘s Cris Tales. And finally, after a whole year of waiting, we have more news! During yesterday’s PC Gaming Show the team shared a new trailer as well as the upcoming release date for this November. The turn-based indie adventure is a love letter to Japanese role-playing games they grew up with.

Cris Tales follows the story of the newly awoken time-mage Crisbell as she fights to protect her world from fiery demise at the hands of the Empress. The trailer while short really hypes up the action. It showcases Crisbell’s fight against the Empress alongside her companions. The most exciting part of Cris Tales is the time-traveling mechanic. Players will be able to move between the past, present, and future. This can be done while exploring the world as well as in combat.

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For those who did not get to experience the demo when it went live after E3 2019, they have updated it along with a glimpse at the new Colosseum experience that will be available in the full game. It can be found on both Steam and GOG. We highly recommend playing through the demo and experiencing the beautiful art and mechanics for yourself.

Cris Tales will release on November 17, 2020 for PC through Steam, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, and Stadia. They also have plans to release it soon after for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.



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