After rumors and unofficial announcements and corrections, negotiations and all kinds of talk, it’s official! Finally! Patty Jenkins will return as director of the Wonder Woman sequel. Praise Zeus! 

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The announcement came through on Monday morning. Jenkins will not only direct, but co-write and produce the film.  She will also officially be the highest paid female director in history. Jenkins came in to save the day on the first Wonder Woman film, which had lost their director over creative differences. She held her ground as Wonder Woman became the biggest blockbuster film of the year, to be paid along the same lines of male directors in similar positions. This according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Some might say that her getting this amount of money, equatable to male counterparts, shouldn’t be news. And, I agree. It should be normal. But, she’s broken an important glass… no, steel ceiling, as did her film. And that is something for everyone to celebrate.  

Gal Gadot is already attached to Wonder Woman 2, which is set to arrive in theaters December 13, 2019. 


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